The secret of writing immersive fiction #1 What can salmon teach us about narrative stream?

    Have you ever wondered why some books are more successful than others? Millions of copies of books from completely different authors fly off the shelves in bookstores, regardless of genre. They rise in Amazon ranks, leaving rest of the books behind. Some become big winners in award circles. Some turn into classics, standing the test of time. Others languish [...]

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Art & Science: Strands of the same DNA Lessons from a lifetime of writing and neurosurgery

"What's common between a writer and a neurosurgeon?" I'm often asked this question when the people I meet realize that I happen to be both. "How does one switch between different mindsets? What's the transition like? Can you really shift focus? That much? After all, what's common between a writer and a neurosurgeon? Or, for that matter, [...]

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An introvert’s guide to writer festivals How to avoid getting overwhelmed in a high-energy setting

For the next three days, a group of people will be safely indoors, sheltered from the thunderstorms that are pounding the city of Calgary. Why indoors in August? Because the annual When Words Collide writer festival begins tomorrow. Over 700 writers and readers will be arriving from all over North America. Some have already arrived. If you're one of the [...]

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